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       P2P (Peer to Peer) Betting, also known as ' Exchange Betting ', allows you to bet on what you want, with who want and also when and where you want to. You can bet as a group, against another group or simply, bet one on one. P2P Sportsbetting.com allows its user generated bets allow the users to bet against each other on any specific current sports even anytime anyplace right from your mobile phone. You cast your odds and if accepted, you show and cast your guaranteed money and the person or people you are betting against does the same. Yes it's just that simple. At the end of the event, immediately the money is released to the winner.. Thus, you the bettors/punters have the flexibility to craft your bets your way and set your own betting odds. You are thereby given t the liberty to become your own bookie. At present, it is the best value betting available to the bettors as there is no bookmaker's margin involved.

How Does it Work?

       It's as simple as betting with your mate. You can either 'Back' or 'Lay' a team. For instance, Team A plays Team B on a particular match day and if you 'Back' either of the teams, you are gunning for your selection's win. When you 'Lay' it, you are expecting a result against your selected team. A bettor/punter wouldn't be allowed to bet, if he doesn't have sufficient funds in his P2P account. This way the P2P Sports Betting.com insures that there is a guaranteed payout. As your opponents money , likewise yours is guaranteed. Once the bet is cast and accepted, there are no refunds or exchanges. P2PSports betting.com is committed to bringing you access to every sporting event as the events are chosen by the users. The various sporting events associated with P2P betting are as follows:

  1. Soccer
  2. Horse-Betting
  3. Boxing
  4. Basketball
  5. Cricket
  6. Tennis
  7. Golf
  8. Baseball
  9. American Football
  10. Ice Hockey
  11. Formula 1
  12. Rugby Union
  13. Rugby League

In exchange betting all you need to do is: Pick an event or match -> Choose the value -> Select 'Back' or 'Lay -> that's it. You can also select a maximum payout, so as to not risk going down by a large amount on losing a bet. For instance, while placing a bet you are asked to put in the amount you can risk. If you offer a value of 5/1 on a match, and your maximum limit is 100$, then no more bets will be accepted after the first 20$. It manages your liability with ease and gives you the control on your payouts, thereby allowing you to bet cleverly.

**For fees, see our fee schedule under the fee pull down menu** Bet responsibly.


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